1) Click on Group Buy Deal button to create a new group, or join an existing group.




2) If you create a new group, the item will be added to your shopping cart

3) You may also choose to join an existing group. There is a minimum quantity of 5 people to complete a group.


3) If you wish to buy 2 or more of the same items in a group buy, please do not click on BUY & CREATE GROUP twice. This will create two separate group buys instead of one. If you wish to change the quantity of the item, please change in your shopping cart, so that your order stays in one group buy.


4) Proceed to Checkout and pay for the item(s). You may add items from both group buys or solo buys into the shopping cart. Please select either to:

  • Proceed with order even if any group fails, and refund for group that failed*
  • Do not proceed with order if any group fails, and refund for entire order

*Do note that if you proceed with the first option and as a result, your total cart value drops below $388, you will no longer be eligible for free shipping and we will refund you for the product(s) minus the flat rate shipping fee. 

5) After checkout is completed, you can share the link with friends in our FB group to encourage them to participate in the group buy. The group buy should have a minimum of 5 people before the group buy can be completed.

Depending on which option you have chosen in the previous step, items in your order will be shipped out only when all your groups have been completed (whether successful or failed) or we will refund your entire order.